WASITRAC - Washington State India Trade Relations Action Committee

Our mission is to facilitate in building bridges for Washington State and its citizens, with their counterparts in India beginning with establishing sister state relationships between Washington State and the States of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Punjab, Haryana, and Gujarat in India, concentrating primarily, but not limited to infrastructure development, renewable energy, education and social services. We will create a solid platform for collaboration between interested businesses, by respecting the diversity in both cultures with the ultimate goal of creating a true value for all those that require our services.

Board members

  • Former Congressman Jim McDermott (Honorary chair)
  • Debadutta Dash (Co-chair)
  • Habib M. Habib (Co-chair)
  • Itu Mohapatra (Advisory board member)
  • Murthy "MK" Kalkura (Advisory board member)
  • Dr. Badri N. Gopalakrishnan (Advisory board member)
  • Dr. Lovakanth Nakula (Advisory board member)
  • Rajesh Mehta (Advisory board member)
  • Varun Gupta (Advisory board member)
  • Smarak Bhuyan (Advisory board member)
  • Harsha Ram (Advisory board member)
  • Ina Dash (Advisory board member)
  • Liam Scanlan (Advisory board member)
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